Create a customized memorial service or a place to gather after your funeral in Hurst.  If you're not sure where to begin, consider these options for your memorial service in Hurst

  • 1 bird released from a basket or by hand
  • ​Trinity -  First, three birds are released to symbolize the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. A moment later a single bird representing the deceased is released to join them and after circling together they will fly away.  
  • Heavenly Escort - An initial group of twenty birds are released to symbolize an angelic host waiting to escort the deceased.  Afterward, a single bird is released to soar skyward to join the group to fly away together. 
  • 21 Dove salute for military or public servants.

The videos below include a few different examples of dove releases at different types of memorial services.  If you'd like to see additional videos, consider visiting Doves 4 Yall's YouTube channel by clicking here.  In the "Heavenly Escort" video below, it also includes a piper playing "Amazing Grace" which is a moving farewell.

Heavenly Escort

Military Dove Release​

Participants Release in Unison

Doves are an international symbol of love, peace, hope, purity, longevity, and new beginnings. A white dove release can serve to symbolize your loved ones spirit heading into the heavens. You might choose to have just one dove, or a few.  We have a partner we've worked with on numerous occasions, and we can make arrangements with him, or you are free to use another resource.  Ken Kummer is a fellow member of the NE Tarrant Chamber of Commerce, and has been providing doves for funerals, memorial services, weddings and other special occasions for many years.  Once released, they head back to his home base in Haslet. No matter where they're released from, they always know how to get home!

Memorial Service ideas

Oh that I had the wings of a dove, for 
I would fly away and be at rest.” Psalms 55:6